Membership of the Association is open to all employees (current and previous) who were/are on Jaguar/JLR employment contract and have completed 20+ years service.

If you fit the above criteria please contact the Jaguar Long Service Association for further details and an application form.  Email: jaguarlongsa@gmail.com

The Association is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with colleagues and friends of Jaguar.

Yes. An annual membership fee is due as determined at the Annual General Meeting. Members reaching the age of 65 will remain as Members of the Association but shall not be required to contribute to the Association funds and shall be regarded as Retired Members.

There are usually 4 events per year – a members only lunch, day at the races, day trip to a UK city and a Christmas dinner.  With the exception of the members only lunch, you may bring guest/guests with you.  All the trips are great fun and extremely good value for money.

All events will be posted on the website along with application forms and information on how to pay.  We also will contact you via email with full details.