Membership of the Association is open to all employees who are on Jaguar employment contracts and have completed 25 years continuous service. Membership should be obtained within a year of completing 25 years’ service.

If you fit the above criteria complete an application form and return to jaguarlongsa@gmail.com

To develop and maintain a spirit of comradeship.

An annual membership fee as determined at the Annual General Meeting. Members reaching the age of 65 will remain as Members of the Association but shall not be required to contribute to the Association funds and shall be regarded as Retired Members. Those members leaving prior to normal retirement age will be required to subscribe the annual subscription until reaching 65 years of age. Thereafter, they will be regarded as Retired.

March – Annual General Meeting Dinner. Members only.
May – Uttoxeter Races. Member plus guests.
September – Annual Outing. Member plus guests.
November – Annual Dinner. Member plus guests.

All events will be posted on the web site along with application forms and information on how to pay.